To change the default port for all new connections created on the Terminal Server

Run Regedit and go to this key:

Control'Terminal Server'WinStations'RDP-Tcp

  • Find the "PortNumber" subkey and notice the value of 00000D3D, hex for (3389).
  • Modify the port number in Hex and save the new value.

You can now connect to the new port by using the "old" Windows 2000 Terminal Server client.

A better option is to use the RDP client found in Windows XP, or even better,the newer Windows Server 2003 SP1 RDP 5.2 client.

You'll need to configure your TS client to connect to the new port. Although changing the connection port on the RDP clients is quite easy, you CAN also change the connection port for the TS client. See Related Articles list for more info.