24/7 Health Monitoring

As a small business, it is reassuring to know that your system is being monitored for you and that, in the event of a problem (big or small), we will be immediately notified and, in some cases, may have fixed the problem even before you become aware of it!

Our Daily Health Check Service proactively checks your systems. That is to say, any small problems will be automatically alerted before they cause big disasters and before they impact on your business! Any irregularities are reported directly so we can act to prevent the problem from causing you any downtime at all.

We do not simply wait until our customers report any issues with their I.T. system, as part of our policy of going “the extra mile”, we aim to fix problems the minute they become apparent to us.

What the Daily Health Check does:

  • Checks your backup to make sure the job has completed
  • Checks your anti-virus to make sure you’re right up to date and protected
  • Exchange (email) size check ~ prevents it from hitting its limit and going down
  • Disk growth rate ~ spots if something untoward is eating your disks.
  • Disk health check ~ checks if your disks are starting to physically fail
  • Hacker check ~ checks to see if someone is attacking your systems
  • Critical Events check ~ reports critical events to our engineers so they can easily assess them and act to prevent downtime.

The Instant Alert system reports the results via email, meaning that we are notified immediately. Moreover, Instant Alert actually specifies the nature of the problem, allowing us to resolve the issue quickly!

What the Instant Alert Support Service checks:

  • Windows Services ~ to make sure your operating system is performing properly
  • Disk Space ~ helps prevent disks filling up and crashing
  • Network Device & Remote Office Checks ~ ensures devices are up and running
  • Port Checks ~ to make sure you can connect to the web, your ISP, etc.
  • Website check ~ we even do a quick check of your website to make sure it is working and, if it is not, will call to let you know.

The key benefit to 24×7 Instant Alert Support Service: Rapid Response, Rapid Resolution

Other Key Features

Online Dashboard ~ We can check the status of all our clients systems from any location. In some cases, they even start sorting problems on their way to work.
Reporting ~ provides us with detailed information about important trends in your system, such as reduction in free disk space, so that we can spot potential problems early and take action.


  • We are different from other support companies.
  • We do not just sit and wait for you to have a problem so we can then react.
  • We are genuinely proactive:
  • We actively scan your systems looking for problems that might cause you downtime
  • We get an accurate alert about their root cause
  • We act before they cause you headaches.