Design And Implementation

Connectivity vastly increases the utility of your computer infrastructure. Whether you are increasing bandwidth, adding servers, connecting a new office or adding network attached storage, network implementation properly done can greatly improve your business.

We make sure the job is done right. Network implementation begins with planning and ends with deployment and testing. LANs, WANs, wireless, remote access, Exchange server, virtualization and security solutions can be planned and implemented with almost no disruption of your existing systems and operations.

We start with network design and project planning. We provide a clear blueprint of the network requirements, costs and timeline so you can make informed choices. After deployment, our team provides post installation support and network documentation.

Network Design and Review

A well designed network ensures that your investment is able to meet current user demands, as well as be scalable to meet future growth with minimal downtime.

  • We are well versed with current industry standards
  • We ensure that any network design is suited to your current and future business needs
  • We ensure that it is in line with current best practices
  • We can review any proposed network designs and provide you with a second opinion based on your requirements

Network Audit and Review

An up to date and accurate record of your current network infrastructure is important to understand where your resources are currently allocated.

  • Are they adequate for the current level of demand, and identify areas of the network that will require attention in order to facilitate future growth
  • Is your network infrastructure working correctly
  • Identifies any performance issues caused by physical or logical configuration errors
  • All findings are documented and any issues found are highlighted along with a recommendation on how to best resolve them

Project Management, Implementation and Deployment

It is rare to find a business model that does not depend on technology today in some form or another. This is almost certain when dealing with network infrastructure.

  • We specialize in getting your new technology implemented and deployed on time and within budget especially when there are daily operational issues that need to be dealt with as well
  • We have many years experience providing project management support to deliver new infrastructure
  • We liaise with key business stake holders as well as the technical staff of your business
  • Our ability to communicate project issues and milestones ensures that you’re kept informed and more importantly kept aware of where the project stands to date
  • Working closely with your project team and technical staff, our consultants can integrate quickly into many working environments to ensure speedy resolution of your needs
  • We can work with you from project inception or be brought in as required to provide technical resources to implement and deploy your new infrastructure


Technology is constantly advancing and the need to maintain up to date equipment and / or software within your environment is vital.

  • Our consultants work with you to ensure that any potential impact is kept to a minimum or mitigated altogether depending on your environment
  • We assist with new software releases which is usually to address known issues or add extra functionality to your existing platforms
  • We can evaluate your infrastructure and identify vendor ‘end-of-life’ product lines, thus avoiding the possibility that your platforms are not supported in the future
  • We follow a well documented roll-back plan to restore devices back to their original state in the event of problems with upgrades


Having the right plan in place can ensure that your relocation project goes smoothly and according to the expectations set by the business.

  • We offer planning and executing site relocation services
  • We assist by making staff available to supplement in house resources that could be stretched between multiple sites and thus lead to daily operational tasks becoming unattended
  • Working with your key stakeholders, we can assist with the relocation process from planning right through to completion
  • Our knowledge can assist you to ensure that critical elements are not overlooked


Problems do arise in networks from time to time and their cause is not always apparent or simple to diagnose. Often these problems can be attributed to incorrect configuration or lack of understanding regarding how a particular technology should be implemented.

  • We offer tracking services to locate bugs in the software or faulty hardware
    We work with vendors to resolve issues on your behalf

Secure Telecommuter and Inter-Site VPNs

Employees don’t have to be in the office today in order to be productive and efficient. Secure remote-access can be employed to allow your employees secure access to your company network from remote locations.

  • We can structure controls to be implemented to ensure that remote workers are only able to access the areas of the network necessary to enable them to get on with the job
  • We can work with you to define and implement secure remote-access policies and provision the necessary equipment that enables secure remote-access for your employees
  • We also provide services to secure communications with your branch offices which in turn reduces the risk of your critical business data being compromised

Quality of Service Implementation

Often networks are perceived as being slow and un-responsive which prompts negative feedback from users.

  • We will ensure the network is properly configured to cope during periods of high-usage and demand for network services
  • We will ensure the fine-tuning of the network by implementing the correct Quality of Service techniques which will be better positioned to operate in a more effective and predictable manner during periods of congestion

On-site Training and Mentoring:

Refreshing and updating skill sets is a very challenging task given the rate of change of technology and staff turn-over.

  • We are able to attend on-site and provide you with the flexibility of tailoring training times to suit your timetable
  • Combining a mixture of theoretical principles with hands-on experience often proves to be a very effective training methodology