So what is it going to cost your business?

Very simple math.
$500.0 FLAT for up to five workstations and a server.
If you have more than five computers just add 55$ per unit.

That’s it!
NO per hour charges. Unlimited onsite and remote support.

If you do not quite think you can swing that, talk to us anyway. We will work something out that fits you in at the least possible cost.

Imagine having a dedicated technician for day-to-day issues as well as for all your project needs for one simple, flat-fee price.


Technology changes almost every day. With these changes come the daily development of new threats and new opportunities. Even a small, 10-user network requires a highly trained technician to provide ongoing maintenance. The problem is, costs associated with hiring a full-time IT person are not always possible, even for companies with 10-50 workstations. Until now, there were only two options for computer and network support:

Option #1:

This option is very common; you assign the person from your staff that has the most technical knowledge to be your stop-gap IT manager. You only bring in outside assistance when your own resource runs into a network catastrophe they can’t fix.
What’s the problem with this scenario? You’re keeping this resource from the real job you hired them for! Unless they have the time to stay current with the latest developments in technology support and best practices, they don’t have the skills or knowledge you need for adequate support and security of your network. This can many times lead to a network that is not maintained, leading to instability. This results in lost productivity, unplanned expense and even more expensive recovery costs.

Option #2:

We don’t recommend this approach, but very often businesses use their network until it stops working. Then and only then they contact an expert to address the problem.
This type of scenario will most certainly lead to unnecessary downtime, lost data and excessive spending. Imagine major disruptions to staff productivity, sales, cash flow, production, and customer service with this approach. That’s why we have introduced our revolutionary flat-rate IT Support program.

What Is flat-rate IT support?

You’re probably wondering what flat-rate technology support means for you. It simply means that you pay one flat-fee per month for unlimited IT support. In most cases this means a savings of 30% to 50%. If it breaks, we’ll fix it – free of charge – no strings attached!

Flat-Rate Plans Eliminate Hidden Service Costs

Traditionally, outsourced IT support involves billing clients by the hour, resulting in high and inconsistent charges and leaving clients not knowing what they are paying for. Our concept of IT support offers an all-inclusive, guaranteed price for IT support and services. Our method eliminates cost uncertainties while at the same time providing proactive, quality support services when you need it.

Beyond the “Fix it When It Breaks” Approach

When it comes to computers and networks, there are enough potential pitfalls and cyber attacks these days to humble even a veteran computer user.That’s why a little preventive maintenance and some practical and preventative measures can go a long way to increase employee productivity and protect your valuable data and computer assets. We go well beyond traditional “fix it when it breaks” troubleshooting to provide a complete solution designed to help small businesses plan, manage and optimize their IT infrastructure to get the maximum benefit from their network investment.

What Is Covered

First of all, you will receive the following:

  • Detailed system inventory of hardware, software and network configuration;
  • Written basic security review;
  • Written review of your disaster recovery plan;
  • Scheduled maintenance plan, which indicates how many hours are scheduled for each service call, and the scheduled dates of service.


Unlimited Telephone Support

Help from a real person is always available when you call. You will receive a return call within 1 hour at most and in fact, normally you will be assisted immediately (unless of course we are involved with another client at the time you call.)

Unlimited Remote Access Support

Remote Access Support revolutionizes the way we deliver technical help to our customers. When you call in for assistance, we can take control of your computer to provide you with fast, easy and secure support services.
Note: As with any remote service, security is a factor. All communications between us and your network are authenticated and encrypted. This allows for safe and effective monitoring to take place without any compromise in the safety and security of your network. We will install the necessary software on your PCs to allow us to remotely access your individual PCs and servers securely.

On-Site Support

We will come to your location in accordance with the urgency of the problem. On-site support is provided after remote and telephone support services are unsuccessful. If a problem cannot be resolved remotely, we will come to your location. Do be aware that our response time for on-site support will be conditioned by our commitments to our various clients. First come, first served, also depending on the nature and criticality of the need.

Emergency support options

Need emergency on-site support? What about a middle-of-the-night emergency? We give you that choice. Unlike most telephone support services, on-site and emergency services are available as necessary to resolve issues critical to your operations. Again, do be aware that our response time for on-site support will be conditioned by our commitments to our various clients. First come, first served, also depending on the nature and criticality of the emergency.

Proactive Support Monthly Maintenance

On site monthly maintenance to ensure that the network is running correctly and to fix any low level issues your network may be having.

Automatic Updates

We will deliver updates, patches, and targeted service messages to the managed computer over the Internet or in person. This also provides us with real-time data about installed updates so that we can verify that your desktop computers are up to date and protected.With the importance of computer security, nothing is more important than maintaining up to date security patches from Microsoft for both the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office software. As part of the Desktop Management Plan, we will monitor and maintain the patches and provide you with reporting as required to make sure you are up to date.

Diagnostics/Health Monitoring

Our computer diagnostics software diagnoses key points of your computer health and provides a detailed report of your computer to us. This report includes information about the computer’s hardware (processor, memory, hard drives, CD/DVD drives, floppy drives, monitor, video card, network card, modem, sound cards, keyboard, mouse, serial ports, USB, PCI, system board devices) so that we can provide you with support tailored to your specific computer.

Computer System Tune-Up

Are any of your PCs acting sluggish? Do you have to reboot your computer because of errors and lockups? We will perform a checkup and various diagnostics to tweak your systems and get them running at peak performance again.

Anti-Virus Monitoring, Management, and Update

We’ll monitor and manage all aspects of the anti-virus software, which will keep your computers protected from the latest Internet risks so that you can feel assured about the safety and integrity of your information. Should a virus be detected on one of your desktops, we will ensure that the issue is eradicated.

Backup Monitoring and Administration

Your knowledge and corporate history are one of your biggest assets. We will assess your backup needs and make recommendations on how to best protect your business. With a robust backup regimen in place we will monitor and maintain your backup on a daily basis. We will ensure that daily jobs are running and will monitor logs and investigate critical errors. In the event of data loss, we will be there to restore your data and will ensure business continuity.

User Account Administration

Adding or removing users from your network resources is a snap. Just call us and we’ll take care of it for you.

File Sharing Permission and Administration

We will work with you to determine the correct file structure for your organization. This will include helping you develop a file storage system and enabling end user access rights. We assist end users in administering this system and ensuring critical corporate data is protected.

Security Administration

We will work with you to ensure security best practices are in place and followed.

ISP Management

Problems with your Internet services? We’ll fight the layers of customer support bureaucracy on your behalf so you don’t have to.

Web Host Support

We’ll assist you with communications with your hosting provider to make sure you get the services you need. We can also recommend software and utilities to make your Web site more effective, and can if desired perform a limited degree of maintenance on your Web site. However, actual Web site maintenance and development is NOT included in our flat rate support program as such services are more along the lines of system development than support.

What’s NOT Covered

Hardware And Software

We will charge for any spare parts or commercial software required. If a repair requires the supplier or 3rd party to affect a repair this cost will apply. Much of the software we use is either open source, freeware or under a license permitting its use for small numbers of systems. If you need software which does not fit in those categories, we will research the most cost-effective commercial software to meet your needs.

New System Development

We can develop new software and systems for you using the latest open source development tools. Such development is NOT included in our flat rate support plan. What IS included, however, as indicated about in our “Virtual CIO” paragraph, is consultation about new systems you may need or desire.


Training is excluded from this program. We offer individualized computer training for end users. Let us know if you would like to discuss computer training for your staff. We can and do, however, make suggestions to your end users about how to use their systems more effectively in the normal course of providing support.