Technology Assessment

Our technology assessment provides your company with a complete overview of your IT infrastructure to align your technology with your business objectives. A primary consultant will meet with your team to develop a how-to guide for taking your technology to the next level.

Without proper planning IT deployments can have a cascading effect. For example, a simple project such as a server upgrade can lead to unforeseen conflicts and costs. Small to medium businesses are particularly vulnerable for lack of time or resources to do proper IT planning.

The technology assessment includes:

  • An interview with key executives
  • Staff technology survey
  • Systems audit and analysis
  • Prioritized recommendations

We research your business to deliver insight based on our knowledge of the latest technology. We know what is possible and how to get your team to maximum productivity and efficiency.

Network Audit and Review:

An up to date and accurate record of your current network infrastructure is important to understand where your resources are currently allocated.

  • Are they adequate for the current level of demand, and identify areas of the network that will require attention in order to facilitate future growth
  • Is your network infrastructure working correctly
  • Identifies any performance issues caused by physical or logical configuration errors
  • All findings are documented and any issues found are highlighted along with a recommendation on how to best resolve them