Backup Solutions

If an emergency happened today, would your small business run smoothly? A business continuity, or disaster recovery plan, prepares your small business for natural or other types of disasters.

In today’s world, your critical data is dependent on electronic systems. Unfortunately, computers sometimes break down or crash causing loss of valuable data. Information management professionals understand their responsibility to protect your data at all costs. We provide onsite and offsite data storage solutions to securely backup your data.When offsite In the event of a disaster, your data is safe with remote data backup facility for rapid recovery.

Your mission critical data must be backed up and stored in a secure off site location safe from on site disasters. This makes tremendous business sense and is an invaluable component of any business continuity plan. Backing up data to a secure, off site location reduces your company’s risk and protects against data loss when, for example, your company’s IT infrastructure, or its critical electronic information is damaged by earthquakes, fires, flooding and other natural or man-made disasters such as malicious hackers, sabotage, accidents, computer viruses and power failure.

We can help you:

  • Identify the types of IT risks your company could experience
  • Prioritize critical IT functions
  • Identify a disaster recovery location and the necessary IT equipment needed
  • Properly store data
  • Store critical contact information for employees and key clients
  • Develop a communications plan in the event of an emergency
  • Update and test your business continuity plan annually

Complete Network Documentation

Many small businesses do not have a system in place to keep track of the technology used in daily operations. Without network documentation, time spent locating the physical location of equipment, searching for passwords, or identifying service providers means longer down time for your business.

What is network documentation?

Imagine you have lost your wallet and all of your important information like credit card numbers, pin numbers, or insurance information is suddenly gone. It takes longer to make the calls, replace your information, and get back on track when you do not have an extra set of documents available in an emergency.
Complete Network Documentation of your technology means that all of your important IT information is secure and readily available during a disaster or in times of growth. We utilize a comprehensive checklist to ensure all of your critical network information is captured.

Not all consulting companies provide complete network documentation. We do because we know it:

  • Allows for future growth
  • Decreases cost of upgrades
  • Enhances security