ZFS Solutions

ZFS is a new kind of file system that provides simple administration, transactional semantics, end-to-end data integrity, and immense scalability. ZFS is not an incremental improvement to existing technology;
it is a fundamentally new approach to data management.

ZFS Storage Maintenance and Recovery

A storage pool can become damaged if underlying devices become unavailable, a power failure occurs, or if more than the supported number of devices fail in a redundant ZFS configuration. We can help recovering your damaged storage pool.

ZFS Backup and Restore

  • Creating ZFS snapshots and rolling back snapshots,
  • Creating full and incremental backups of ZFS snapshots and restoring the snapshots,
  • Remotely replicating ZFS file systems by backing up and restoring a ZFS snapshot and file system.

ZFS Storage Pool Migration

Occasionally, you might need to move a storage pool between systems. To do so, the storage devices must be disconnected from the original system and reconnected to the destination system. This task can be accomplished by physically recabling the devices, or by using multiported devices such as the devices on a SAN.

  • Convert file systems from UFS to ZFS
  • Migrate root (/) on UFS to root on ZFS
  • Migrate from disk slices to ZFS Volumes
  • Migrate from Solaris Volume Manager (SVM) to ZFS
  • Create new Zpools and ZFS Virtual Devices
  • Create new ZFS filesystems
  • Move ZFS volumes and filesystems to different zpools
  • Rename ZFS pools & volumes